Thursday, June 29, 2017

The inevitability of animal testing in medicine

In 1960s, about 10,000 babies who have short and malfunctioned legs and arms were born, surprising the public and scientists. People were worried and anxious to know the reason for the tragedy and the way to avoid the birth of defect babies. After many researches, scientists found out that the disabled babies were born to the mother who had taken a medicine called Thalidomide, a drug people used to deal with pregnant reaction, and was later proved to have teratogenicity to many animals by animal test.

Insurance company and environmental analisys

The company I choose is MetLife China. MetLife is a life insurance giant operating in over 60 countries and provide services to over 90 million customers in the world. 1. The MetLife insurance agent in China need to get at least 80 hours pre training before they get the qualification to sell insurance product. The trainer will teach all kinds of insurance sells knowledge to the agent. After the agent pass the qualification exam, then the agent could enter the market to sell insurance. 2.